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top 3 gambling games argument of PPA and statement of professor Hannum

Argument of Poker Players Alliance: The abbreviation of PPA is Poker Players Alliance and this PPA has an advocate top 3 gambling games to give the poker game much credence in eyes of non-gambling public and the lawmaker. And the only purpose of US based PPA is to legalize the online poker in USA. The PPA was founded in 2005 and then it has ridden online poker craze which is continuing in these days.

Recent Court That

The argument of PPA about poker is that the poker game should be regulated. The reason of this argument is that this game is not the game of chance, rather than it is the game of skill. And for getting something that will be helpful for this claim, PPA had taken action to draw attention of a recent court that is ruling in Colorado.

Top 3 Gambling Games

Statement of Professor Robert Hannum: The statistical report of Robert Hannum was persuasive for jury. Robert Hannum is the reputable professor of statistic of the Denver University. He is one of well known statisticians in the gambling sector. He has written a book which is named by "Practical Casino Math" and it is a very popular book. From this research, it is found that one billion poker players hands up for showing that they play the poker game. And if you read his book, then you can know the entire matter about this statistic.

So, I appreciate the PPA’s job. But I advice PPA to think twice before trying to differentiate poker game from the gambling casino game in order to regulate this game in USA. Now it depends on Colorado Chapter to follow the court ruling and get the regulatory efforts going. And it also depends on the top 3 gambling games court in Pennsylvania where the ruling of this court said that poker is not the game of chance.